Working with Parents of Anxious Children

Parents of anxious children often encounter strong avoidance behaviors, including the child’s refusal to engage in any kind of therapy. Consequently, the parents can feel helpless and frustrated, watching their anxious child without the ability to help him relieve his anxiety. However, there is a way to help those parents and their anxious children, even without the active participation of the child in the therapeutic process. The workshop will present such a working model for parent guidance based on the NVR  (Non-Violent Resistance) psychology and the New Authority. The NVR therapeutic system approach enables parents to simultaneously support the child and help him deal with his anxiety and avoidance, even without his active cooperation.

Key Learning Objectives

  • Understanding the fundamental principles of NVR (and the New Authority) therapeutic approach.
  • Ability to plan therapeutic interventions in cases of anxious and oppositional or avoiding children, even without the child participation in therapy.

Training Modalities

Training methods will include didactic teaching, case illustration and handout. In addition, all participants will take part in small group work including exercise and role plays.

Workshop Teacher

Ohad Nahum is a licensed clinical psychologist specializing in dynamic and cognitive behavioral therapy, performance and sport psychology, and non-violent resistance (NVR) counseling. He completed his Master of Arts degree (cum laude) in Child Clinical Psychology at Haifa University. Ohad is a founding member of the Tel-Aviv Center for NVR Psychology, and a staff member of the School of Non-Violent Resistance, where he trains professionals in NVR. He began his involvement with NVR in the early 2000s as a member of Professor Omer’s initial team, which developed the model for parents counseling based on the concepts of NVR. Ohad has extensive experience in several NVR applications, including child and adult anxiety, adult entitled dependence (AED), and child violence and behavioral problems. He lectures in his fields of interest at several forums, including Ariel University and Wingate College for Physical Education and Sport sciences.

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