Who we are

International Team:

– Dan Dolberger
– Dr. Michaela Fried

Tel-Aviv Team:

– Dan Dulberger
– Ohad Nahum
– Nevo Pick
– Mazal Landes


Dan Dulberger

Dan is a family therapist and psychologist specializing in NVR-oriented systemic interventions, with particular emphasis on AED (Adult Entitled Dependence), resistance to family violence, and crisis intervention. Dan manages the Center for Non-Violent Resistance Psychology, a private counseling center for parents of adults suffering from AED and behavior and anxiety problems, which he co-founded with Professor Haim Omer. Dan has developed and published, together with Professor Omer and the center team, a NVR-based intervention model for AED. He is also founder of an international forum of NVR practitioners and a team member of the School of Non-Violent Resistance. In the past, Dan has held various journalistic positions, as well as senior business development, marketing and entrepreneurship positions in Israel’s High Tech industry. Dan holds an M.A. degree in Social Psychology from the Tel-Aviv University,  is a graduate of Shinui (the Israeli Institute for Systemic Studies, Family and Personal Change), and is certified by the Israeli Association for Couple and Family Therapy.


Dr. Michaela Fried

Dr. Fried is a child- and adolescent psychiatrist and psychotherapist. She specializes in NVR case management for acute and complex crisis situations, as well as trauma therapy, sexual abuse and borderline states, general parent counselling, and psychiatric and medical practice. Dr. Fried is contractual partner of the Institut für Neue Autorität in Austria ( INA), and helps assimilate NVR Methodologies as supervisor and coach in several schools and foster homes in Austria. Formerly, Dr. Fried worked as a senior psychiatrist in the child- and adolescent department of the Mauer Mental Health center in lower Austria. In parallel to her psychiatric and therapeutic practices she has been involved in different social projects in Europe and abroad, such as street work with homeless people and drug addicts, work in hospice medicine for terminal ill people, and various missions in war zones with several NGOs. Dr. Fried has considerable experience in voluntary humanitarian work with terminally ill people (UK), drug addicts (New York) and war refugees (former Yugolslavia, Macedonia and Afghanistan). She is a graduate of the University of Vienna and has completed her Post-doctoral fellowship at Thomas Jefferson Medical College in Philadelphia. Her medical areas of expertise are psychiatry and paediatrics. She is also a certified psychotherapist and trauma therapist and has completed Haim Omer’s basic and advanced training courses.



Ohad Nahum

Ohad Nahum is a licensed clinical psychologist specializing in dynamic therapy; cognitive behavioral therapy; and performance, sports, and non-violent resistance psychologies. Ohad is a founding member of the Parent Empowerment Center and trains professionals in NVR as staff members of the School of Non-Violent Resistance. He began his involvement with NVR in the early 2000s as a member of Prof. Omer’s initial team, and he has rich experience in several NVR applications including children and adult anxiety, AED, and child violence. Ohad lectures in his fields of interest at Ariel University and at Wingate College for Physical Education and Sport Sciences. He completed his B.A in Psychology and Economics at Tel Aviv University and his M.A (Cum Laude) in Child Clinical Psychology at Haifa University. Today he is a PhD. candidate at Haifa University


Nevo Pick 

Nevo Pick is a senior clinical social worker specializing in systemic therapy for complex families, NVR parent counseling, and individual therapy for all ages. Nevo supervises social work trainees at the University of Haifa School for Social work, and works as a consultant for welfare departments in several municipalities. He holds an M.A. degree in social clinical work from Haifa University and is certified as a group therapist by the Tel Aviv University School of Social Work.

Mazal Landes 

Mazal serves as a rehabilitation and family therapy consultant at the Center for Parent Empowerment. She is a psychotherapist and a senior rehabilitation and clinical social worker, a certified supervisor in couple and family therapy, and a senior trainer in mental health rehabilitation under Israel’s Ministry of Health. Mazal has over 30 years of experience in individual, couple, and family psychotherapy and parent counseling.  She specializes in supporting family members of those suffering from mental or emotional problems, and she supports adolescents and adults suffering from personal, emotional, and couple crises. In the past, Mazal trained and supervised individual professional therapy and rehabilitation teams at ENOSH, the Israeli Association of Mental Health, where she founded, managed, and supervised several counselling centers for families of mental patients. Mazal teaches in the central schools of social work and rehabilitation at Ono Academic College. She holds a second degree in social work from Tel Aviv University and is graduate of the Bar Ilan University psychotherapy school and the “Hidabrut” program at the Jerusalem Psychoanalytic Institute.