What we are

The Center for NVR Systemic Therapy offers therapy and professional training in the Non Violent Resistance approach (NVR). The center was originally founded in Israel, in 2009, by Prof. Haim Omer and Dan Dulberger as the first private NVR clinic and is operating ever since. Over the years the center has extended its activities to international training events, and to collaborations with other NVR training centers in Europe. In 2018 the center helped produced the 5th International Coinference on Non Violent Resistance Interventions, in Tel Aviv. We have also formed an associate group of internationaly known NVR experts. Our recently launched Canadian extension, based in Calgary, AB and led by Dan Dulberger, offers private NVR family therapy and professional training in Calgary, AB.

Our main interests are:

  • Focus on NVR as a systemic practice
  • Developing new NVR applications, with special emphasis on Adult Entitled Dependence
  • Interest in NVR team development worldwide
  • Multidisciplinary contexts of NVR
  • Interest in the family as a political unit
  • Serving the worldwide NVR community

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