The Center

The Tel Aviv Center for Non Violent Resistance Psychology is dedicated to teaching, supervising and promoting non violent resistance interventions to mental health professionals worldwide, in the context of adult entitled dependence as well as other NVR applications. The center applies NVR’s entire spectrum of applications with a strong emphasis on multi-disciplinary contexts such as systemic family therapy, psychiatry, social work, rehabilitation and clinical psychology. 

More about us

What is NVR?

“NVR” stands for Non Violent Resistance. In the mental health context, it is used to denote the application of struggle concepts borrowed from political Non Violent Resistance into the spheres of  parenthood and caregiving read more

What is AED?

Adult Entitled Dependence (AED) to denote a condition where emotional and/or material dependence of adult offsprings on parents leads to dysfunction and distress read more

Training in AED

The Training Program for NVR Interventions in Adult Entitled Dependence introduces the family systemic dysfunction of Adult Entitled Dependence and its NVR intervention read more

International partners